Agriculture and Farming

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Agriculture and Farming

Discussion on Agriculture and farming all over the world.

    What is Agriculture and Farming With Benefits


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    What is Agriculture and Farming With Benefits Empty What is Agriculture and Farming With Benefits

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    Agriculture and farming forum is a community of individuals interested in agriculture and farming. Just like most forums out there, we have our rules and regulation that guide us using this forum.

    As you may know, Agriculture is the oldest know provider of food to human; not only for the crops and animals that comes from it, bus also for the fact that it is a business that yield good returns. Additionally, agriculture and farming produces wealth.

    Let us take a look at the benefits associated to agriculture and farming to human kind.

    The Importance of Agriculture and Farming

    While there are various benefits associated to agriculture, I will mention only five for us in this post. Since it is an important part of human existence, it will just be appropriate for us to discuss it here.

    Let's get started on the reasons why agriculture is important today.

    1. Source of Food Supply for Human Existence

    Without food, crops and animal, human being will not be in existence; as it is vital for us to take in food and other nutrition that comes with it. As it is the primary source of the food products we consume each day. This food has vital substances that are vital to the development our our body and every part of the elements that makes up our body.

    Here are some of the substances found in the food we eat.

    • Protein.

    • Carbohydrate.

    • Vitamins.

    • Mineral.

    • Fat.

    For this reason, the substances within the food we eat is vital to us as human; these substances are – .

    2. Agriculture is a Profit Making Business

    You may not know, farming and agriculture is a profit making venture. All over the world, demand for food is high. Although, making money from an agricultural business requires knowledge of farming practices as well as some experience in developing a business. Truly, you need to get all necessary knowledge require to run your farm smoothly, and in a profitable way.

    Before you decide to venture into it, create a business plan that includes research on market demand for the products you want to grow and how to get them to market.
    Also, you need a solid visibility study and financing plan, as most agricultural businesses require access to large parcels of land, farm equipment and human resources to get started.

    3. Source of Raw Material to Support Manufacturing

    Agriculture has been the source of raw materials to the leading manufacturing companies. Without it, many products will not be available in the market today. Many manufacturers of cotton, textiles, sugar, tobacco, edible and non-edible oils depend solely on agricultural raw materials.

    Apart from this, many others like processing of fruits and rice husking making also depend on agriculture for their raw material. According to United Nations Survey, the industries with raw material of agricultural origin accounted for 50 per cent of the value added and 64 per cent of all jobs in the industrial sector.

    4. Massive Employer of Labour

    Agriculture still stand as the largest employer of labour in many countries today. In a word, it provide jobs and reduce the high level of unemployment in most countries.

    Statistics shows that agriculture in most country provides employ for more 40% of some country's population, and this figure is steadily on the increase because a whole lot of young people are picking up agriculture as an alternative after leaving school in most countries; especially in Africa and Asia.

    5. Contribution to National Income

    The lessons drawn from the economic history of many advanced countries tell us that agricultural prosperity contributed considerably in fostering economic advancement. It is correctly observed that, “The leading industrialized countries of today were once predominantly agricultural while the developing economies still have the dominance of agriculture and it largely contributes to the national income. In Africa, more and more countries depend on agriculture revenue; as it help to increase their national income comes.

    As can be seen, agriculture is important. So, let's embrace it.


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